VIVA supports young fashion designers in HK

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Annie Ling, a young designer in HK, founder of ALPS, is a hint of exciting fashion technology designs to come from our new partnerships. She worked closely with VIVA to produce a 99% anti-bacteria heated down vests in 2019. During the process, VIVA provided extraordinary support to her to convert her concept into real merchandise.

VIVA also worked closely with another HK young designer Necro Poon. We worked with him for a SS20 collection entitled “Be Water, My Friend”. His collection come out in a catwalk debut at “FASHIONALLY COLLECTION” Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers fashion show.

During the process, the concept sample is completed in 3 weeks’ time. The jacket itself is embedded with highly personalized heat sealing tape and his brand name tagged on it. To make the sample even better, VIVA team used YKK waterproof zippers onto the sample but without delay in production schedule.

The water proof jacket is developed with laser-cut pocket opening and with a heat-sealing decorative film on the pockets without using any mould. All settings offered by VIVA team is to make sure a short development period with a minimal development cost and to be affordable by even a young designer brand.

The collection aroused interest to audience. VIVA have assisted Necro in production of functional outdoor wear in water proof, breathable and light-weight fabric quality.

VIVA is keen on helping and mentoring young designers to help them walkthrough the process about developing their concept into a real merchandise or real great looking fashion. VIVA walks the talk, supports designers with their professional knowledge and opens their own resources and techniques for helping young designers to develop their concept collections to become true fashion showing in catwalk shows.


ALPS Annie Ling Anti-Bacteria Travel Collection Permanent 99% anti bacteria heated down vest

Necro Poon’s SS20 collection entitled “Be Water, My Friend” at “FASHIONALLY COLLECTION” fashion show In Hong Kong