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 down vest uniform is a standard staff uniform for SIXT staff in Germany. SIXT SE is a German multinational car rental company with more than 5000 office branch over 105 countries. In 2017, SIXT SE requested to have one uniform which is practical enough for their staffs to work in the branch and should well connect with their brand signature colour tone. So VIVA’s designers based on the request they made to provide them a down vest uniform.

 Designers pick down vest uniform because:

 It can help staffs to keep warm better

  1. Sharp colour that matches the brand signature colour tone.
  2. Practical for their staffs to do the outdoor business operations and maintenance work at SIXT stations.

As the uniform is supposed for their daily use and some of their staffs may need to work at dusty warehouse, the uniform is supposed to be machine washable. Machine washable is not a difficult criteria for a manufacturer like VIVA, but SIXT wanted some more on it.

VIVA knows that the neon-orange colour and a smart outfit are an important signature to demonstrate the professional and unite image of SIXT and it is important for them keep their branding consistency for all over the branches. It is not possible to keep buying new uniforms after few wash. So VIVA merchandising team sourced a specially dyed fabric to fulfil their needs.

And due to their daily practice in branch, the uniforms are heavily used and frequently washed in washing machine. Therefore, VIVA team decided to offer some extra criteria to their down vest uniforms. As the bright neon-orange is the signature colour of SIXT, VIVA has done lots of colour fastness fabric test by assigning internationally famous testing lab , to carry out light fastness test, rub fastness test, wash fastness test etc to ensure that all SIXT staffs are wearing the same neon-orange colour uniforms in both indoor and outdoor working area. Moreover, down proof fabric materials and professional sewing techniques can also keep the down vests in the same weight. This also enhance the uniqueness of all SIXT staffs.

During the period 2017-2018, over 10000 staffs of SIXT got their uniforms and put it on. We are honoured to produce over 10000 pieces of down vest uniforms for SIXT in 2017 and 2018. Now their office looks much sharper than before with consistent uniform style and even the branding colour. Meanwhile, their uniforms keep them warm but without hindered their working process. SIXT management all agreed VIVA’s team worked greatly on designing their uniform all from zero concept to their great uniforms.

SIXT down vest uniforms done by VIVA

Neon-orange down vests uniforms are now being used for over 10000 staffs in SIXT